Isabel Coulton

Wood carved sculpture tuition

  I offer wood carved sculpture classes at an evening class on Monday evenings at KEVICC Community college in Totnes, Devon.  It is possible to study woodcarving at any level, from beginner to skilled.  If you want to follow your own design I can help you with this.  If you would like to learn how to carve wood from scratch, I can give you different panels to copy progressing from a simple carved leaf form in pine to more complicated relief carvings and then towards in the round, three dimensional carvings in lime wood or oak.  I can also teach you how to incise lettering or carve letters proud from their background.  Mirror frames, and door thresholds are good projects for carving.  

In today’s society most people have little time or need to work with their hands.  Manual skills are fast disappearing and people are forgetting how to use tools, from charcoal to chisels, the pencil to the saw.  My workshops and classes are designed for anyone to try out techniques, to banish the fear of using tools, and to escape inhibition in the creation of ‘Art’.  I encourage and can work with those who have knowledge and those who have none.  I like to give people an enthusiasm for what they are doing and to enjoy the struggle of working with something new that gives one a special sense of wellbeing.   


Additionally, being a woman in what is often seen as a man’s domain helps to relax those who are not so used to working in such a way.  Its great to see women and children using drills and saws, and teaching people how to sharpen a chisel properly so that they are able to carve wood with ease and enjoyment.